CHANGED is a compilation of nearly 40 stories of individuals who have left homosexuality. Their stories of change, brought together here to address California legislative bill AB2943, was given to each California senator on June 11th.

By popular demand, we are reprinting CHANGED. Arriving in late August!

Culture told me I was born with same-sex attraction and that I could not change. But I’m now approaching 33 years of a very changed and more fulfilling life.
— Phillip Lee

Written as a response to California Assembly Bill 2943, CHANGED was published to be given only to California Senators and  leaders. A team of its contributors personally delivered copies to each senator on June 11th, then on the morning of June 12th gathered together to share their stories publicly. Our two and a half hours of live stories spoken from the California Capitol steps have birthed this movement that trumpets the voices of those who have left the LGBTQ lifestyle.

Watch the FaceBook Live video feed of the June 12th testimony event from the California Family Council site.